VECTOR AGM December 6 2017

Posted: November 6, 2017

A notice has been sent to all VECTOR members and membership applicants of our 2017 Annual General Meeting. Please check your email for particulars.


  1. Reports from Directors & Officers
  2. Report from the President
  3. Approving certain minor changes to the constitution and bylaws of the society
  4. Nominations for positions on the board of directors
  5. Adjournment

Following adjournment of the Annual General Meeting we will proceed directly to election of the next board of directors of our society.


All officer and director positions on the VECTOR board of directors are for a one year term which expires at the conclusion of the AGM. Any member in good standing may stand for election for any position.

Nominations for positions on the board of director were made at the last monthly VECTOR member meeting as follows:

As Director:

  • Linda Peterson (by Keith Witney)
  • Harondel Sibble (by Mike Montour)
  • Raymond Wong (by Gabriel Mora)
  • John Nash (by Rob Fry)
  • Justin Lu (by Raymond Wong)

Additional nominations may also be made:

  1. in advance of the AGM following the process identified in the AGM notice, and,
  2. during the proceedings of the AGM when called for by the chair of the meeting.

Duties of Directors

For reference please see the Societies Act for information on the duties, responsibilities and liability of Directors.

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