May - BEAR

DRAFT Events

Exercise: To prepare yourself for outdoor event patrol with your handheld radio. Get to know other members.

Team hide and seek using handhelds and ARDF to find a transmitter.
(Drills, Games, and Exercises volunteers may take a break in April or May.)

Gather to:

  • play with your radios while walking around
  • get to know other VECTOR members
  • laugh

How it works - find the basket by scanning or patrolling

We divide up into teams: Bear 1, Bear 2, Ranger, Basket. The Bear teams want to catch the Basket and the Ranger wants to warn the Basket about the “bears”.

Each team starts off separately in the park. The Bear teams work together to locate the Basket. The Basket sends out beacon calls at an arbitrary interval.

We also take a shot at using ARDF principles to find each other’s VHF signal.

Afterward, we rendezvous for a snack together.

Past Events – Radio Games in the Park

  • Yogi
  • Bears
  • BEAR (2020)