June - WUMPUS 2


Exercise: To prepare yourself for outdoor radio patrol at civic events. (2021 version keeps core bubbles separated.)

Search for a transmitter using ARDF and coordinate between teams.

Gather outside to:

  1. play with your radios while walking around
  2. get to know other VECTOR members
  3. laugh

How it works - team patrol hide and seek

A two-person team, with tactical call sign WUMPUS, has hidden at one of 20 locations in the park. Can your three-person team find WUMPUS first? Use ARDF or patrol skills, or both.

Your team has 3 jobs:

  • get WUMPUS to speak up on its frequency so you can detect its transmitter
  • coordinate with CONTROL to search the park
  • detect the WUMPUS’s beacon transmitter

Use an Amateur Radio Direction Finding technique to find WUMPUS. Use your handheld with a tiny jury-rigged antenna to sense “body fade”. Add a formal directional antenna system to get more precise (like a tape-measure yagi-uda antenna).

To add challenge to your search you may only go directly to three other locations from any location. Call CONTROL to get those links and any special intel about your linked locations. You will also need to know about two simulated hazards: the bottomless pit and the super bats.

Avoid the drafts; bottomless pits take you out for the round. Super bats only force you to a new location where you can take more bearings on WUMPUS and get a better fix on it.

Afterward, we rendezvous for a snack.

Can you remember “Hunt the Wumpus”?

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