City of Vancouver Emergency Preparedness Programs


City of Vancouver citizen focussed emergency preparedness and response programs:

Vancouver Volunteer Corps (VVC)

Vancouver Volunteer Corps volunteers are City of Vancouver’s ambassadors to the world during major events. VVC is the intake and orientation program for the Emergency Social Services (ESS), Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Program (NEPP), and Neighbourhood Emergency Assistance Team programs (NEAT). To have a common level of understanding among all Vancouver emergency programs, including VECTOR, applicants to VECTOR are required to take the VVC orientation program. Information on this and other requirements is provided in our application package.

VECTOR participates in cross training and exercises and partners with the various VVC programs for civic events throughout the year.

ESS Logo

Vancouver Emergency Social Assistance (ESS)

Vancouver Emergency Social Assistance volunteers are coordinated through the City of Vancouver Office of Emergency Management and are provided training by the City and Justice Institute of B.C. to administer the EMBC ESS program. ESS provides crucial short term assistance to those displaced from their homes as a result of disasters. VECTOR is the emergency communications provider for the ESS function - many of our members are also ESS responders.

Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness Program (NEPP)

NEPP Volunteers teach and spread the all-important message of emergency preparedness for our families, friends, neighbours, community organizations and businesses. As a NEPP instructor you’ll be trained to host workshops and provide effective education. Your own knowledge of personal preparedness will be energized by this program.

Neighbourhood Emergency Assistance Team

The Neighbourhood Emergency Assistance Team (NEAT) is a team of trained volunteers who support professional emergency responders in times of a disaster, such as an earthquake.

The program is designed to help residents protect themselves, their families, neighbours, and neighbourhoods in an emergency situation.

Vancouver Emergency Community Telecommunications Organization (VECTOR)

VECTOR is an independent non-profit society wholly focussed on planning, preparedness and providing emergency communications for the benefit of the people of Vancouver and British Columbia. Operating under a formal memorandum of understanding between Vancouver Police Department and the city, we are the Amateur Radio program for the City of Vancouver. Explore this website to learn about us, seek out amateur radio training courses and to join VECTOR.

We encourage all Metro Vancouver radio amateurs to incorporate at least the first 12 channels listed in our frequency list.