Amateur Radio Licence Course & Examination

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VECTOR Training prepares students for the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED, formerly known as Industry Canada) Amateur Radio Operator Certificate of Proficiency

  • Basic Qualification - examination. The Certificate of Proficiency is commonly referred to as an Amateur Radio licence.

Our students enjoy a high rate of success - enrol with confidence regardless of your current level of radio, electronics or regulatory knowledge.

Our popular six-week Basic Amateur Radio Certificate (licence) Course & Examination has resumed with in-class instruction expected to start in the fall of 2021. Join the waiting list and get notified when registration begins.

Students receive a copy of VECTOR’s proven and continually updated Amateur Radio Basic Qualification course manual. Our team of enthusiastic instructors will help you work through the material and ISED requirements.

Lectures are held in comfortable professional settings over the course of six Saturdays; the final class is the examination itself, conducted by an ISED accredited examiner in the same comfortable surroundings.

Regularly scheduled course start dates are in early January, March and September of each year and are announced in advance on the VECTOR website. Get on our notification list (see above) to learn of scheduled and unscheduled course availabilities.

Course Details

Course Availability This course is available to the public.
Sessions One or more classes in each of January, March and September plus unscheduled classes to meet demand.
Course Length Unless advised otherwise the course runs for six consecutive Saturdays.
Course Materials Students are provided a copy of VECTOR’s proven and continuously updated Amateur Radio Basic Qualification Course Manual.
Exam An ISED accredited examiner conducts the exam on the final day.
Classroom Hours Class typically starts each Saturday morning at 08:00 and concludes by lunch.
Classroom Locations TBA
Transit / Cycling
Fee $100 covers all training and course materials (e-transfer)
Registration Questions Write our training coordinator (

Licence Information And Study Aids

Prior to taking the VECTOR Amateur Radio Licence Preparation & Examination Course students may find it helpful to review some of the regulatory information and study materials available.

Do not let the materials listed here intimidate you. Our course material and training approach has been specially designed to help everyone master the information they need to know to pass the ISED/Industry Canada licensing exam and be successful as a licensed Radio Amateur.

Licence Information

Background and regulatory information pertinent to the licence exam and amateur radio operations can be found at ISED/Industry Canada’s web site, including:

Study Aids

ISED/Industry Canada offers the Amateur Radio Exam Generator free of charge to interested parties. To obtain the exam generator, follow the instructions at the ISED Amateur Radio Service web site.

Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC) offers a free self-test program useful for those studying for the official ISED/Industry Canada exam. Download ExHAMiner v2.5 from the RAC site:

After You Obtain Your Licence

If you have an interest in volunteering your time to help VECTOR in its mission as the backup emergency communications provider for the City of Vancouver, consider joining us. VECTOR provides additional training to members ranging from basic radio skills courses - a terrific start for any new amateur

  • to radio operations in an emergency management context.

Other Amateur Radio organizations and clubs: if you have an upcoming course please send to dates, details and contact information and we’ll add your course to our website and public calendar so we can refer students to you.