Teams deliver VECTOR Initiatives

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As a service organization, we invest effort towards many initiatives and activities to support our just cause. Here’s a sample.

Logistics - Maintain-Repair-Overhaul

  • DSA caretakers
  • Radio Room and Roof Antennas
  • Site Support (city sites and community centres with amateur radios)
  • Supporting city partners who own amateur radios
  • Repeaters
  • High-speed Links
  • Next-generation Grab and Go Kits
  • New Packet Radio

Logistics - People

  • Hands-on Practices
  • Radio Skills Course
  • Basic Amateur Radio Proficiency
  • Learning documents (training grid, skills tree, quick references)
  • Drills, Exercises, and Games

Planning - Documents

  • Grab and Go Kit Operator Manual
  • Operator Quick Reference Guides
  • “Battle Box” USB
  • Revised New Member Guide
  • DSA Manual
  • Equipment Readiness Register

Operations - Civic Events

  • Celebration of Light (VEMA)
  • Pride Parade (VEMA)
  • Canada Day (VEMA)
  • Trout Lake Community Lantern Procession (Trout Lake Community Centre)