VECTOR Frequency List


VECTOR uses the following frequency list as the basis for pre-programming the radio fleet VECTOR owns and maintains in locations throughout the City of Vancouver.

For a list of VECTOR and partner repeaters see our repeater page.

The first 12 “channels” hold our primary operating frequencies (VHF section of this list). We invite and encourage local radio amateurs to program their radios with these 12 frequencies. Today’s modern radios can commonly store hundreds of radio channels. To avoid interfering with other channels you have already programmed, you might wish to allocate channels at some convenient multiple of 100. VE7DET put these channels in 101 to 112 on one of his radios.

A pre-defined frequency list helps facilitate reliable communications during exercises and emergencies. When activated, you will hear us on air typically referring to frequencies as “channels”; doing so speeds communications.

Be ready in case of emergency - we encourage our members and all local radio amateurs to pre-program their radios with (at minimum) the first 12 radio frequencies.

Repeater owners: Please report any errors or changes to [email protected].

Chirp and Kenwood programming files for Alinco, Baofeng and Kenwood radios are available at this link without any warranties or guarantees! Please advise us of any issues at webmaster@vectorradio

The VECTOR master frequency list was last updated on November 10, 2016. As we maintain a large inventory of pre-programmed radios cached throughout Vancouver our list does not change frequently.

BC Repeaters

Those new to operating in our area can find information on other repeater systems at the links below: