VECTOR Weekly Radio Net

All area radio amateurs in range of our signals are invited to participate in our weekly Wednesday emergency preparedness & community-building radio net. We welcome announcements from other Amateur Radio organizations and encourage radio operators to stick around for an informal rag chew after the net.

VECTOR Weekly Net
When Each Wednesday
Time 20:00 Local
Primary Frequency 145.170 MHz input offset -600 kHz
(VE7TEL, VECTOR Channel 2)
Secondary Net Frequency and focus varies and is announced at the start of the primary net (also published in our event calendar)

Most nets will consist of check-ins on the primary frequency followed by a shift to a secondary simplex or repeater frequency to encourage the amateur community to become familiar with our frequency list. Some nets will also feature a skills drill or game in the secondary portion of the net.

Net Format

Net Control for this directed net follows a regular format each week:

  • Welcome
  • Announcements from the VECTOR Executive
  • Announcement welcomed from other area Amateur Radio organizations
  • Check-ins from:
    • Provincial Emergency Response stations and Vancouver Disaster Support Hubs
    • Radio Amateurs by alphabetic group
  • QSY to previously announced secondary frequency for check-ins and other features (optional)
  • Net Control QSY back to primary net frequency to conclude operations

Net Check-In Contest

The VECTOR Net Contest is run each year to encourage net check-ins; you do not need to be a VECTOR member to participate. Your check-in enters you into the contest automatically. Winner(s) and prizes are announced at our December Annual General Meeting and last net of each year.

Share the love - check into other local area nets too.


VECTOR gratefully acknowledges our partners the Telephone Pioneers Amateur Radio Club (TPARC) for hosting our net on their VE7TEL 2M/70cm repeater system and the UBC Amateur Radio Society for allowing us to use VE7RHS as a standby repeater. Thanks also to all those involved in repeater maintenance throughout the world; your often unsung work in the background helps us all.


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