Team Contacts

Working in VECTOR: members join teams to serve each other and our communities while learning more about amateur radio, disaster response, and emergency preparedness.

Every member can serve any team

A team of “average” people working together will outperform a single brilliant person working alone.

Members with limited radio experience bring deep experience in other areas to our teams. We intend to learn from each other as much get tasks done. Only then can we become more effective at serving our community.

Active Teams

Active Team Description Contact
Partnering Nurture relationships with VECTOR partners Hassan Hassan VA7HCS
Marpole-Oakridge Support Caring for our partnership with Marpole-Oakridge Community Centre Society Richard Shanks VE7PNP
Net Control Operators Host the formal weekly net and train operators and participants for nets and VECTOR events Andrew Walker VA7YAA
Nightly Check-in and Chat Host an informal nightly net fostering connection between operators Christin Wiedemann VA7WIE
Drills Games and Exercises Plan and run in-person and on-air practices
New Packet Radio Examine if NPR could help VECTOR serve our partners Anthony Tai VE7XAK
Training Help people become amateur radio operators Anthony Tai VE7XAK
Grab and Go Equip every Disaster Support Hub with a 2020 portable pop-up radio station kit Richard Shanks VE7PNP
Members Support Manage member personal data, issue identification, help members meet all requirements for membership and give members a warm and knowledgeable welcome Linda Peterson VE7LMP, Stuart Watson VE7SWS
Radio Skills Course Host our Radio Skills jump-start course Andrew Walker VA7YAA
Packet and Tech Build ability in packet radio and other non-voice modes Tak Liu VE7NV
DSA Caretakers Ensure all DSA station functions work at all sites, with consistent organization, and cross-train members Russell Adams VE7MTU
Web Services Keep website and web services current and working for members and the community Webmaster
Kerrisdale Support Caring for our partnership with Kerrisdale Community Centre Society and Kerrisdale Earthquake and Emergency Preparedness Jim Slade VA7AAC
Documentation Prepare good reference materials members can read Tara Chan VA7PKS
Repeaters Keep VECTOR repeaters operating well Hiroshi Takahashi VA7LET
CERV Updating our community emergency response unit
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Teams on Hiatus

Team Description Contact
Field Day Plan, prepare and run Winter and Summer Field Day Exercises
Hands-on Practices Give every member time to get good at every skill vector uses, including familiarity with protocol and packet radio
High Frequency Build capacity in high frequency radio operators
High Speed Data Build and maintain high-speed broadband links (on microwaves) Mike Watkins VE7WV
Logistics-Maintain Repair Overhaul Keep our equipment ready for anything: radios, antennas, peripherals, supplies and computers Tyler Delane VE7PDO
News to Come Keep members informed about upcoming events and opportunities
Planning Serve as VECTOR's overall Planning Function
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