Field Day

Watch this space for details about future Field Day events.

Looking for past Field Day events? You can find the archive for our 2022 Field Day.

What is Field Day?

Held each year on the fourth weekend of June, Field Day is the single most popular on-the-air radio event held in North America. Each year more than 35,000 radio amateurs from across IARU Region 2 participate in the Field Day contest.

Visitors are welcome to tour the Field Day site during daylight hours. You do not have to be a licensed radio amateur to try your hand at communicating! Experience short and long distance radio communications via our Get On The Air (GOTA) station and friendly mentors!

For VECTOR members new and old Field Day is a perfect opportunity for those who don’t have HF radio experience to gain some — there’ll always be a helpful mentor close by.

For visitors, the VECTOR Field Day site provides opportunities to see emergency radio communications in action and learn more about emergency preparedness and the varied volunteer opportunities available with the City of Vancouver. You too can try your hand at making contacts across North America.

What is VECTOR?


We are the Vancouver Emergency Community Telecommunications Organization, more commonly known as VECTOR. An independent non-profit society, VECTOR is the Amateur Radio program for the City of Vancouver.

VECTOR exists as the organizing vehicle for members of the amateur radio service to build auxiliary emergency communications capability to enhance community resiliency in the City of Vancouver.

Our mission is communications preparedness and the most important element of readiness is people, not technology. Through recruitment, training and exercise we develop our diverse volunteer team to plan and prepare for those times when we are called upon to serve.