VECTOR Radio Skills Course

This four week course is a natural follow-on to obtaining your Amateur Radio Certificate of Proficiency. We cover topics of interest to any amateur radio emergency communications operator including:

  • Phonetics, pro-words, net formats and procedures
  • Radiograms, general message forms (ICS-213) and other messaging formats
  • Introduction to the VECTOR / Vancouver EOC Radio Room
  • Emergency Activation Protocols
  • APRS for events and emergency use
  • How VECTOR uses HF for emergency communications
  • Introduction to the VECTOR Grab and Go Kit
  • Packet Radio operation
  • Personal preparedness
  • Tips on obtaining your first (or second) radio

Held one evening a week, students will be paired up as partners for extra-curricular one on one radio contacts. The class also features an instructional net each week.

  • Availability: VECTOR Members Only
  • Offered: Annually in the spring leading up to Field Day in June and in mid-fall.

The genesis of the VECTOR Radio Skills Course is captured in this feature article in The Canadian Amateur magazine published by Radio Amateurs of Canada.

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VECTOR: Building Radio Skills for the Community