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If your Metro Vancouver area Amateur Radio or emergency communications organization would like to be listed on this page, please contact [email protected].

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Regional and National Amateur Radio Organizations

BC Amateur Radio Coordination Council (BCARCC)

BC Amateur Radio Coordination Council (BCARCC) works to coordinate frequency assignments for fixed stations such as repeaters and policy with respect to band plan usage in the Pacific region. VECTOR fully supports BCARCC’s mandate and maintains delegate representation on the Council.

British Columbia Frequency Modulation Communications Association (BCFMCA)


BCFMCA is an Amateur Radio organization specializing in VHF, UHF, and microwave communications. Of their many repeaters due to its wide-area coverage VE7RPT is expected to provide a regional linking function in times of widespread emergency. BCFMCA repeaters support a variety of modes including analog FM, DMR/MotoTRBO, IRLP (node 1694), and D-STAR.

British Columbia Wireless Amateur Radio Network (BCWARN)

BCWARN is an association of amateur radio groups sharing the common goal of building a high-speed data network, capable of operating independent of commercial “internet” providers. VECTOR is a participating and supporting member of BCWARN.

Telephone Pioneers Amateur Radio Club (TPARC)


Telephone Pioneers Amateur Radio Club (TPARC) operates a packet radio network throughout the province, and analogue voice repeaters including VE7TEL 145.170 MHz -600 kHz upon which VECTOR conducts regular weekly radio nets and exercises and for which we extend our gratitude.

Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC)

Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC) speaks on behalf of all Canadian Radio Amateurs, advancing our interests in spectrum and regulation both nationally and internationally. Consider supporting RAC, and all Canadian amateurs, with your membership today.

Metro Vancouver Emergency Communications & Amateur Radio Organizations

Please contact [email protected] to update your organization’s information or add a listing.

Vancouver Community Emergency Telecommunications Organization (VECTOR)

VECTOR is the City of Vancouver Amateur Radio Program. Our singular focus is on emergency preparedness - Learn about us, join us, and keep up with our progress through our RSS/XML web feed. Our weekly net is open to all radio amateurs. VHF net: Wednesdays 2000H VE7TEL 145.170 MHz -600 kHz - see Net details. Visit:

Abbotsford Amateur Radio Emergency Services Society (AARESS)

AARESS VHF net: Mondays 1900H VE7ASM 147.280 MHz +600 kHz tone 110.9 Hz

Burnaby Amateur Radio Club (BARC)

Burnaby Amateur Radio Club welcomes all radio amateurs to their long running weekly net and swap and shop. VHF net: Mondays 2000H VE7RBY repeater 145.35 MHz -600 kHz tone 127.3 Hz. Visit:

Coquitlam Amateur Radio Emergency Service Society (CARESS)

CARESS amateur radio enthusiasts provide emergency communication services to the City Of Coquitlam. VHF net: Mondays 1930H VE7MFS repeater 145.310 MHz -600 kHz, Tone 127.3 Hz. Visit:

Delta Amateur Radio Society

DARS established in the 1980’s this very active group can be found at

Langley Amateur Radio Association (LARA)

LARA hosts an open VHF net: Mondays 1930 H 147.380 +600 kHz tone 110.9. Visit:

Maple Ridge Amateur Radio Club (MRARC)

VHF net: Wednesdays 1930H VE7RMR 146.800 MHz -600 kHz tone 156.7. Visit:

New Westminster Amateur Radio Club (NWARC)

New Westminster Amateur Radio Club works to support emergency communications and the promotion of amateur radio. The club hosts a weekly net open to all radio amateurs. VHF net: Tuesdays 1930H VE7NWR 145.390 MHz -600 kHz. If the repeater is down or unavailable the net convenes on simplex 146.505 MHz. The net can also be accessed via NWARC’s linked UHF Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) repeater 444.600 MHz + 5.0 MHz (colour code 1, time slot 2, talk group 2). Visit:

North Shore Amateur Radio Club (NSARC)

NSARC runs a club VHF net: Tuesdays 1900H VE7NSR 147.26 MHz +600 kHz. Visit

North Shore Emergency Management Office (NSEMO)

NSEMO provides emergency management for City of North Vancouver, District of North Vancouver and District of West Vancouver. Amateur Radio operators participate in their Emergency Communications Team - visit the NSEMO page for application details.

Richmond Emergency Program Amateur Radio Society (REPARS)

City of Richmond Emergency Management are developing an emergency communications team function. For information contact the Emergency Management department of City of Richmond at [email protected].

Richmond Amateur Radio Club (RARC)

Established in the 1950’s, the Richmond Amateur Radio Club operates VE7GOG from the historic Parks Canada Gulf of Georgia Steveston Cannery site. VHF net: Tuesdays 1900-1930H 147.140 MHz +600 kHz tone 79.7 Hz. Visit:

Surrey Amateur Radio Club (SARC)

SARC hosts an open VHF net: Tuesdays 2000H 147.360 MHz +600 kHz tone 110.9 Hz. Visit:

Surrey Emergency Program Amateur Radio Society (SEPAR)

SEPAR is the City of Surrey Amateur Radio Program whose sole mandate is to provide Emergency Communications for the City of Surrey. Click here for more information and how to join.

The SEPAR weekly VHF net is open to all licensed Amateurs: Tuesdays @19:30H 147.360 MHz +600 kHz tone 110.9 Hz.