Local Radio Nets

The VECTOR weekly net is held each Wednesday at 20:00 on the VE7TEL repeater 145.170 -600 kHz and includes a secondary check-in component on an alternate repeater or simplex frequency, announced at the start of each net.

Other local Amateur Radio area nets, all times local unless noted, include:

Day Time Held On Organization Notes
Daily 01:30Z 3.729 MHz BC Public Service Net
Monday 19:30 VE7MFS 145.310 MHz -600 kHz, Tone 127.3 Hz CARESS - Coquitlam Club http://ve7scc.org/
Monday 20:00 VE7RBY 145.350 MHz -600 kHz, Tone 127.3 Hz Burnaby Amateur Radio Club
Tuesday 19:00 VE7RNS North Shore ARC
Tuesday 19:00 VE7RMD 147.140 MHz, +600 kHz, Tone 79.7 Hz Richmond ARC www.rarclub.ca VE7RAR
Tuesday 19:30 VE7NWR New Westminster ARC
Tuesday 19:30 VE7RSC 147.360 +600 kHz t110.9 SEPAR
Tuesday 20:00 VE7RSC Surrey Amateur Radio Club VE7SAR
Wednesday 20:00 VE7TEL 145.170 MHz -600 kHz VECTOR VA7EOC
Thursday 20:00 VE7RBY 145.350 MHz -600 kHz, Tone 127.3 Hz BARC Tech / Newbie Net
Thursday 20:30 VE7SUN Delta Amateur Radio Society
Saturday 23:00 3.735 MHz Sea to Sky Net

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