Field Day: 2M + 70CM Repeaters On-Site, Talk-In Frequencies


Note to members:

Our 2M repeater, VE7VCT-2M, is currently off-line in order that it can be on-display at our Field Day site this weekend. Our 70CM repeater, currently operating in test mode, will also be relocated to the Field Day site. Come have a look at some of the capital investments we’ve been making this year.

Our primary talk-in frequencies will utilize these two repeaters (currently un-linked):

VE7VCT-2M: 145.45 -600 kHz
VE7VCT-70CM: 443.725 +5 MHz

VE7TEL 145.170 -600 kHz and simplex 146.46 MHz will also be monitored on a best-efforts basis.


Mike Watkins, VE7WV