Inaugural Sea to Sky HF Night Net

QST: Radio Amateurs located in Metro Vancouver and Sea To Sky Corrridor please take note:

Greg Franklin VA7BC has undertaken the organization of a new regular nighttime HF net. Its purpose is to encourage regional communications between Metro Vancouver and the Sea to Sky country over HF radio links.

The inaugural Sea to Sky HF Night Net worked last night thanks to the participation of VA7DV (David TSE AKA VE7MDT) at VECTOR who performed as a relay station. We plan on introducing digital comms such as PSK31, FSQ, Olivia and PACTOR over time to the SSB portion of our net.

Greg also noted “currently we are interested in nighttime propagation in the corridor”. The net is not affiliated with any club and invites participation from all amateur radio operators. Short wave listeners are encouraged to interact with the group via the Sea to Sky Amateur Radio Facebook page.

VECTOR members David VA7DV and Deven VA7DDP activated the VECTOR Radio Room late Saturday June 4 to participate in the launch of this HF net.

Sea To Sky HF Night Net:

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