How Going Ham Could Save Us

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From NBC’s Left Field:

Hawaii’s recent false nuclear missile alert showed us how reliant we are on cell phones and modern technology—and how unprepared we are if they become inaccessible. But in case the unexpected happens, an unlikely group of hobbyists—ham radio operators—are standing at the ready and may save us all.

While we prefer the term emergency radio communicators over hobbyists - our members plan, prepare, train, drill and exercise just as professionals would - the video nonetheless carries a useful message.

VECTOR exists as the core organizing group around which Vancouver area amateur radio operators can band together in times of emergency or disaster. Our team includes people from all walks of life, from nurses to plumbers, retirees to CEOs. If you have an interest in being part of planning for and responding to disaster, whether you can contribute a little or a lot of your time, please consider joining us.

If you don’t currently possess an Amateur Radio Certificate of Proficiency (aka an amateur radio “license”) our popular and highly-effective training course can help.