ICS-213 Messages

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Starting on Wednesday March 28 the regular VECTOR Wednesday Night Net will feature a message passing practice component. Anyone in range of our signal may participate.

Why ICS-213?

ICS-213, and other message formats, are commonly used by Emergency Operations Centres at the local and provincial level.

Our members train and practice on both Radiogram and ICS-213 message forms; being vesatile is what’s needed in times of disaster.

Join Our Practice Net

You’ll need a pen/pencil or a computer if you prefer to type and one of the following:

  • A plain piece of paper, or,
  • An ICS-213 general message form such as this version which includes a briefing on its use on the second page. The form can be filled in on your screen (not on phones); or, you can use
  • A web-based replica of the ICS-213 form included here:

Note: This form does not submit information to anywhere; it is meant for practice purposes only.