Packet Radio Party & Activity Round-up

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Here’s Stuart, Jeff, Erland, Andrew, August, Patsy (at the back!), Tyler, Nick and Patrick (behind the camera) on Wednesday evening working away configuring personal laptops with packet radio clients for members so they can practice and participate at home.

Many learning and practice opportunities have been held in the lead up to our Exercise SWEEPER on May 3; check your inbox for other happenings in the next few weeks.

Packet radio setup party

Did you know our weekly Wednesday Net has a packet-radio check-in? Annual prizes?

VECTOR supports two packet radio clients - VCT Packet, written by our own Mike Montour VE7ABP and used internally within the City of Vancouver by members only, downloads in the member’s section, and the globally available Winlink/RMS Express which is utilized for communications with the world outside Vancouver through VHF/UHF packet radio or HF PACTOR operation.


Last Friday Harondel, Kirk, Raymond and others checked one of our equipment caches located throughout the city to review status and look for needed documentation updates. The resulting todo list needs to be cleared up by the end of April. Interested?

Richmond Ho!


Saturday Kirk, Harondel and Mike W took the VECTOR CERV (Community Emergency Response Vehicle) to the Richmond Amateur Radio Club Swap Meet and Communications Vehicle display. Dozens of area operators got their first look at the CERV and one of the original builders, John Shouten VE7TI, was reacquainted with an old love!

SEPARS Trailer

Sharing is caring - many thanks to the folks from SEPARS for sharing some perspectives on mobile BCWARN (high speed wireless data networking) and giving our team a good look inside the Surrey communications trailer.

Message Flow Chart

SEPARS Message Flow Chart, a timely reminder we are updating our processes and documentation tools in advance of the May exercise.