Winter Field Day

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VECTOR members will again participate in Winter Field Day. Held each year on the fourth full weekend of January (this year 27 & 28 January 2018) the purpose of Winter Field Day is to provide North American radio operators with an opportunity to exercise in less hospitable conditions than late June.

This year, fortunately (?) we won’t be erecting tents in the rain. Instead VECTOR WFD operations will be conducted in relative comfort indoors at the Vancouver Emergency Operations Center where we’ll exercise the EOC Radio Room using all HF / VHF / UHF modes and frequencies permissible by WFD Rules.

The VECTOR team will operate as VE7VVC from 11:00 local through roughly 23:00 depending on conditions.

Thanks to Nick VA7NCD for organizing and scheduling and our Ops team notably Justin VE7LUJ and Deven VA7DDP for all their efforts in readying the radio room. The exercise team is looking forward to gaining more HF experiences and making some WFD contacts!