VECTOR Daily Health and Welfare Net

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Effective Thursday, April 2nd, 2020 and until further notice, VECTOR will host at 19:05 on VE7RVF 145.45 MHz a daily Health & Welfare net for the benefit of our nearly 200 members, hundreds of VECTOR alumni, and the broader Metro Vancouver area amateur radio community.

Social isolation is contrary to our human nature. The net brings an opportunity to hear voices again and engage in post-net chat and conversation. There will be an optional check-in topic that changes from day to day to keep things interesting and let us all get to know each other better.

  • Time: Daily at 19:05, to allow celebrating healthcare and other essential workers at 7 pm nightly.
  • Repeater: VE7RVF
  • Frequency: 145.45 MHz, input -600 kHz
  • Tone: 100 Hz (optional input and output tone)
  • VECTOR Channel: 1, on our published frequency list

Details for our regular Wednesday evening net can be found here:

All radio amateurs are welcome to participate in any of our nets.