VE7RVZ Repeater on the Air


VECTOR’s radio installation at Firehall #5 continues to take shape as antennas and repeater equipment are installed, bringing repeater VE7RVZ 147.200 MHz +600 kHz, Tone 100 Hz, to life.

We have lots of plans for this amazing site. Stay “tuned”!

Note, this repeater was once called VE7ICS; the frequency has remained the same but the input/output tone has been changed to 100 Hz. An update to the VECTOR frequency list (see item number 20) has been made to reflect this. Please update your personal equipment accordingly.

Thanks to members Russell Adams VE7MTU, Hiroshi Takahashi VA7LET and Mike Watkins VE7WV for their efforts this past weekend bringing this site on air, and also to Mike and Jesse’ Neri VE7DET for braving the rain early in January on antenna install day.

Rack starts to fill with gear