Teams: What can you do in VECTOR?

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VECTOR Backlog Item from the Feedback Workshop on 2019-11-06:

Radiate information about where to help and who to contact

  • Refer to Team Display
  • Refer to Roles
  • Refer to VECTOR Backlog
  • Refer to Wish Backlog

Details for each follow below.

Let’s kick off a simple way for everyone in our community to figure out who to ask about helping with what.

From Team Display

Snapshot of 10 most-active teams from 2020-06-28

Team Description Contact
New Packet Radio Evaluate NPR as disaster data solution Francois Marier VA7GPL
Grab and Go Kits Equip every Disaster Support Hub with a 2020 Grab and Go Kit Team GrabAndGo
Net Control Operators Host the weekly VECTOR net. Train operators and participants for weekly VECTOR net and VECTOR events (CoL,Pride, etc) Andrew Walker VA7YAA
Simplex Relay Day Create an open-to-all, simplex-based exercise with repeater or web support for Vancouver and surrounding cities Drills, Games and Exercises: Team VECTORDay
Member Support Manage member personal data, issue identification, help members meet all requirements for membership and give members a warm and knowledgeable welcome Linda Peterson VE7LMP, Stuart Watson VE7SWS
Newsletter Keep members informed about upcoming events and opportunities Simone Hoedel VA7SWZ
Logistics-Maintain-Repair-Overhaul Keep our equipment ready for anything Logistics Group
Basic Proficiency Training Help people become amateur radio operators Training
Radio Skills Course Give new members a good start in VECTOR RSC Team
Hands-on Practices Give every member time to get good at every skill VECTOR uses, including familiarity with protocol and packet radio Kevin Cardinal
DSA Caretakers Ensure all DSA station functions work at all sites, with consistent organization, and cross-train members Russell Adams VE7MTU

Check out the full list in the Team Display.

Teams deliver VECTOR Initiatives

As a service organization, we devote effort towards many initiatives and activities to support our just cause.

Check out the full list of VECTOR Initiatives. Here’s a sample.

Logistics - Maintain-Repair-Overhaul

  • DSA caretakers
  • Radio Room and Roof Antennas
  • Site Support (city sites and community centres with amateur radios)
  • Supporting city partners who own amateur radios
  • Repeaters
  • High-speed Links
  • Next-generation Grab and Go Kits
  • New Packet Radio

Logistics - People

  • Hands-on Practices
  • Radio Skills Course
  • Basic Amateur Radio Proficiency
  • Learning documents (training grid, skills tree, quick references)
  • Drills, Exercises, and Games

Planning - Documents

  • Grab and Go Kit Operator Manual
  • Operator Quick Reference Guides
  • “Battle Box” USB
  • Revised New Member Guide
  • DSA Manual
  • Equipment Readiness Register

Roles you can take on in VECTOR

While you are in VECTOR serving a team within VECTOR you serve many roles. We invite all volunteers to give each role a shot.

Check out the wide array of roles you serve throughout your time volunteering in VECTOR: Roles in VECTOR.

Sampling of roles, are you ready for these opportunities:

  • Radio Operator VHF-UHF
  • Jobs Chief (technical work session)
  • Member Coach
  • Net Control Operator
  • Learner
  • Listener
  • Teacher
  • Station Manager
  • Logistics - IT
  • Logistics - Radio Technology
  • Newsletter Writer
  • Course Manager
  • Team Facilitator
  • Technical Support
  • Partnership Liaison
  • Civic Service Event Coordinator
  • Note-taker or Scribe
  • Researcher
  • Timekeeper
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Community Manager