Lower Mainland Radio Room - new club for Vancouver


For many years, Vancouver has only had an amateur radio emergency service organization. The Lower Mainland Radio Room aims to fill that gap.

To start and raise this new club, Hiroshi VA7LET has left VECTOR to focus more on the fun parts of amateur radio.

A big thanks to Hiroshi VA7LET for the many ways he served VECTOR (vice president, repeaters, Field Days, AGMs, and antenna work). Most of us will certainly remember his efforts teaching and organizing VECTOR’s Basic Amateur Radio proficiency course from 2015 to 2021. While in that role, he modernized and streamlined the course materials that we had before and fostered a community of instructors in VECTOR.

Learn more about the Lower Mainland Radio Room at radioroom.ca.

The Vancouver Hack Space has a small internal amateur radio club for its members: connect.