November - Multi-site Drill

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Exercise: Set up and run a VECTOR remote site to follow Net Control through tests on every mode in the station.

We’ll activate stations at two locations, unless we exceed the site capacity for each site (3 people). Sites: Sunset, Trout Lake. You will receive a call sheet with further details once you sign up.

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Gather to:

  1. Reconnect with our community centre colleagues
  2. Refresh your knowledge about the site station
  3. Practice net protocol and radiograms


  1. Learn details from quick reference guides
  2. Practice logging under “pressure”
  3. Meet other VECTOR members
  4. Practice EmCom skills

How does it work?

Set up your station: In play, you need to use the station at your site to let Net Control on VE7RVF know you are ready. Net control will start tech tests with the first station on air.

Run through all modes and systems:

  • 2 m voice
  • 1.35 m voice
  • 70 cm voice
  • Winlink post-office
  • Winlink Point-to-Point

Each iteration involves at least 2 sites (3 people at each site). With commitment from enough people the week before, we could arrange for several sites.



For Sending and Receiving Messages:

Helpful (members only):

Past Events

Without health restrictions, participants set up nets between multiple VECTOR sites to send, receive, and track messages over voice and radio email.

  • Original ROCKY series of monthly exercises when we started rebuilding our relationships with the community centre staff teams (I, II, III, IV, V, ROCKY ROAD)
  • Month of rehearsals at DSA’s, centres, and the radio room preparing for Exercise VANSLAM (2019)
  • SQUIRREL (2020) - continued ROCKY format under fresh name
  • DOUGLAS (2021) - variation of ROCKY format
  • October Multisite 2022 - technology checks only