Planning Field Day 2022

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Once we rally a core set of volunteers to guide the work, we have approval to use Queen Elizabeth Park for Field Day 2022. Parks Board Events granted our conditional permit for using the usual place to set up a Field Day event. We need 5 volunteers who will guide VECTOR’s 2022 Field Day, though.

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Our hypothesis for doing Field Day is that VECTOR members enjoy coming together for it. We also believe members will make a VECTOR Field Day happen.

We need your help for now and future Field Days. After I had been a director for a couple of years, I learned that putting together the VECTOR Field Day utterly exhausted the board. That’s also the time of year when VECTOR needs to prepare for Celebration of Light and to pull together funding applications.

That was before the current cohort of members became involved.

We have a strong set of “modules” VECTOR can set up for Field Day. Decades of Field Day events has helped VECTOR collect resources suitable as “building blocks” for Field Day. We also have notes and sketches that give us a large jump-start.

What would our Field Day be like if we had a core crew that would energize and guide our efforts while the board takes care of its responsibilities in other parts of VECTOR?

Let’s make Field Day 2022 about you (the members). The ARRL definition for field day allows us huge leeway. This year, we might have time to do it in a way that serves members better.

ARRL: Field Day is a picnic, a campout, practice for emergencies, an informal contest and, most of all, FUN!

For the few years before the Pandemic, the board had started to lose faith that members enjoyed Field Day. The Board also noticed that the key aspect for members was the time spent with other members.

VECTOR needs 5 volunteers to focus a vision for this year centred on members. Let’s run a field day members can enjoy.

Join the current conversation in Loomio. Otherwise, join the invitation list for the meeting on 2022-05-11.

  1. What do you think about a mostly social event this year? (To reserve the heavy-lifting items for next year.)

  2. If a couple of members work together to plan it, we will run the HF stations

  3. The ramp up is on Loomio, which accepts the same login that you use for Google, or get set up via your regular email address

  4. Field Day can be many things, which shall we focus on?

    • a picnic with radios
    • a simulated emergency where we set up (and run for two days) a remote radio room with HF capability
    • an internal VECTOR “micro conference” – with technical workshops
    • a place to bring your current rigs, share about them, and make them better
    • a chance to play at setting up a “radio relay station.”
    • a place to celebrate each other
    • a way to showcase VECTOR to the public and others
  5. I wish we could run the site with ICS as a simulated emergency, with a casual “micro conference” going on in parallel

  6. We only have 7 weekends to get organized