Ham Radio Crash Course

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Hams are sharing knowledge using online platforms. Josh Nass KI6NAZ started a YouTube Channel to share detailed ham knowledge. Over the years it became a rapidly growing community of radio enthusiasts interested in learning.

Interested operators can find introductions to any ham subject

Grow your knowledge. Help others grow their knowledge with video and audio presentations.

Ham Radio Crash Course has many options

  • HRCC Live Stream - Saturdays, 17:00 PT, hang out and learn
  • HRCC Concise Videos - short-form videos about radio
  • HRCC Podcast - weekly casual conversations about radio
  • Ham Nation Show - bi-weekly Wednesdays, 18:00 PT, about ham news and events
  • HRCC Discord chat channel - online text chat community

Check it out!

  1. Ham Radio Crash Course videos

  2. Found via Hacker Public Radio Episode 3545

  3. Many other podcasts, including Linux in the Ham Shack