Tips using Loomio

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Using google groups and emails makes dialogue together more challenging. The Board started tinkering with Loomio in 2021 and found it more enjoyable.

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Many organizations across the world use Loomio to achieve more together. Non-profit groups, cooperatives, and self-organizing companies.

Loomio includes a few convenient tools to make it easier for teams to make collective decisions.

  • Automatic reminders so your team can focus on the important stuff

  • Meeting-time vote tool so you can pick times faster

  • A few simple voting options so you can speed up other decision-making

VECTOR teams can set up subgroups and invite participating members to join.


  1. To get started with Loomio, try commenting in an existing thread (we a few active ones already: Our Loomio.
  1. Tips for posting on Loomio:

    • To notify a specific person, type @ followed by their name
    • Drag and drop pictures and attachments or click the paperclip icon
    • See 5 ways to use threads for some ideas and tips
  2. If you have any questions, see Loomio Help.

  3. Exporting our data and leaving Loomio is easy, if ever needed.

  4. Learn more about Loomio itself: Loomio Handbook

  5. Any member can join; choose to use your Google account to avoid making another password.

  6. Link to files stored on Google Drive to help your colleagues dive into what your team is working on.