Step 1 - Map Your Neighbourhood

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Last spring, Mika McKinnon reminded us how party planning can jump start our disaster preparedness (Party Planning for Apocalypse). Dunbar Earthquake and Emergency Preparedness coaches people into getting prepared in a small “ice-breaking” activity: Map Your Neighbourhood.

When communities organize on a block-by-block pattern, we have the building blocks of a prepared community. Dunbar Earthquake and Emergency Preparedness (DEEP) works to prepare the Dunbar area for when the whole City gets disrupted.

VECTOR partners with DEEP in 4 ways:

  1. Helping DEEP keep the amateur radio in the Dunbar Disaster Support Hub programmed to VECTOR’s list

  2. Helping DEEP members understand how to use their GMRS radios effectively

  3. Helping DEEP reach the community

  4. Helping DEEP locate local amateur radio operators outside VECTOR