Sun Run 2022

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Amateur radio operators from across the Lower Mainland come together to staff field positions in the Vancouver Sun Run. These positions link observers across the site with event organizers and medical aid.

Gain valuable experience in dynamic directed nets

VECTOR encourages volunteering individually to gain valuable experience in directed nets during a large-scale, dynamic event.

Volunteers need to know

  • Event Date: Sunday, April 24 (2022-04-24, early morning to early afternoon)
  • Objective: To help respond to emergencies and to help re-unite lost children with families
  • Shift: 0800 to 1330 (5.5 h approximate)
  • In-position at: 0815 (and check-in)
  • Positions: throughout the course
  • Service: eyes and ears for the event organizers

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  • 2022 Coverage Map - 10 km route wraps around the Downtown West End and False Creek

  • Contact: Paul Bryan VA7XP

  • Street closures begin at 05:30

  • Informal volunteer meet-up: 0630 at McDonald’s on Main St. near Terminal

  • Everyone works in buddy teams: new amateur radio operators get paired with an experienced operator for support and mentoring

  • Procedures similar to operating in disaster and emergency response

  • Communications span 29 geographic sites and 6 other positional roles

  • Volunteers may pick up materials at Informal Breakfast at McDonald’s near Science World (Main Street near Terminal Avenue)

  • Join operators from 14 organizations: NSARC, CARESS, BARC, VECTOR, REPARS, NWARC, DARS, LARA, BCFMCA, TPARC, RARC, BCWARN, SARC and UBC ARS.

  • General Volunteer Information

  • 10 km main course and 2.5 km secondary course

  • Sun Run issues each volunteer a special souvenir T-shirt, and publishes names in the volunteer thank-you in the Vancouver Sun newspaper

  • Sun Run participants raise money for 7 charities (donation links)

  • 1 500 to 2 500 volunteers host over 40 000 people who run Canada’s largest recreational run (first done in 1985)