Overcoming Vaccination Verification Challenges

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The vaccine verification process helps VEMA understand who to activate if a disaster happens while COVID-19 health risks continue. VECTOR runs auxiliary communications at 17 sites across the city for the Vancouver Emergency Management Agency.

Several members shared frustration with us about process

  • Many members submitted verification forms multiple times
  • At this time, vaccination status is a City criteria required in our Memorandum of Understanding with the City for valid membership

We are VEMA’s auxiliary communications volunteers

  • VECTOR’s primary mission: serve VEMA and ESS when needed (asked)
  • VECTOR does have many internal service roles which don’t interact with staff or public

VECTOR only has one class of Member at this time

Under current bylaws, members must meet three criteria

  • Meet all City requirements (currently: EMBC registration, City Volunteer Form-Waiver, Vaccination Verification)
  • Pass a Police Information Check
  • Pay annual dues

Some internal service roles have low likelihood of interacting with staff and public

  • Assembling the newsletter
  • Maintaining or writing for the website
  • Planning radio drills
  • Maintaining documentation
  • Facilitating on-air practices
  • Facilitating on-air drills
  • Assembling deployable kits

Some internal service roles do interact with staff

  • Maintaining repeaters and on-site systems
  • Coordinating at sites

VECTOR operates many in-person radio sites

  • A major disaster could need 40 operators at 17 sites across the city for 2 or 3 shifts each day (120 volunteers each day)

Must rush to include members who will respond to in-person activations

  • Control Operators for Radio Room
  • Remote Site Operators for Community Centres and Departmental Operations Centres
  • Course Instructors
  • Internal service roles engaging with staff

VECTOR needs members to prove vaccination to VEMA

  • VECTOR values making it easy for members to meet City requirements and serve as volunteers
  • Kris (VEMA) welcomes our calls so he can help us with the process (contact details in the email “City ready for our vaccine proof” from 2021-12-06
  • Contact Membership, if you prefer (rather than call Kris).

Follow-up - Could more structure in member types help?

  1. How might creating membership types make similar verification needs easier in future?

  2. VEMA noted ability to respect membership structures that distinguish front-line volunteers that need immediate verification and volunteers that may have other roles

  3. How might VECTOR link internal service roles with a particular membership type that would require participation in specific internal services?

  4. How might VECTOR make earning full vaccine verification an attractive status rather than a cumbersome chore?

  5. VECTOR is a service organization that needs members involved month-to-month