VECTOR Winlink Gateway Active - 441.025 MHz simplex

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Time Estimate: 15 minutes

Tune your radio to 441.025 MHz and run your Winlink session to become more comfortable using Winlink email over radio.

Finicky 440 reception means repositioning your antenna by as little as 10 cm can make a difference. If you still can’t connect, you can relay through various other Winlink nodes.

  • Added new Lenovo M90n after rack server hard drive packed it in

  • New Lenovo M90n running RMS, BPQ, and APRS-IS

  • VA7EOC-10, 441.025 MHz simplex (or 443.425 MHz)

  • VA7EOC-1 active for APRS-IS

  • Alternative gateway: VE7TEL-10

(original: May 2021)