VECTOR courses back in-person: Basic and Advanced

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VECTOR resumed in-person classes this fall at Vancouver City Hall. This time we had courses for both the Basic and Advanced qualifications.

The exam results are encouraging, with most Basic students achieving Honors, and one student in particular challenging both the Basic and Advanced qualifications successfully on the same day. The demo sessions in the Advanced course were well liked by students when they could visualize advanced theories at work. Congratulations to VECTOR member Mike Martinescu (VA7AZF), and six other students who have upgraded to the Advanced qualification.

We intend to continue our spring and autumn course pattern, adding an advanced class in the autumn. You could earn your Basic certification in the spring and level up in the autumn.

For any operator, we also host a Radio Skills Course that includes a few on-air activities among a cozy group of around 10 operators. Sign up!

More information in Training. Or write to: [email protected].