HEMBC Upgrade Build Day

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A small crew of members came together on February 25 to upgrade the first 10 units. HEMBC donated 18 single band deployable radio station kits that we are upgrading to dual band for voice and Winlink email.

The crew started around 09:00 and finished around 15:30.

We removed all the existing radios and set them aside. We’ll see if members or the broader community are interested in these single-band Yaesu units.

We removed all the power supplies and meters to replace their capacitors. Some of the power supplies have started to fail.

We installed the new radios, terminal node controllers, and interconnecting patch cables, including the 9-pin connector for the laptop adapter. We learned that some of the 9-pin case connectors needed further work, so we have a future date to finish those units.

We tested power delivery on both bands at high, low, and medium drawing from a LiFePo power box. We also tested Winlink on VHF and UHF.

  • Power drop through the system to meter and dummy load was less than 0.5 V
  • Successfully reached VA7EOC and VE7LAN at low power

We also prepared the faceplates for the hand-mic pass-through.

  • Anthony VE7XAK
  • Norman VE7NWM
  • Mike VA7AZF
  • Lis VA7EVJ
  • Darryl VA7DPO
  • Richard VE7PNP
  • Jesse' VE7DET
  • Vicki VA7SES
Antenna set up in the West 10 and Collingwood lowlands
VE7XAK setting up a test
Parts table - power supplies waiting for work and internal parts
Crew work planning - VE7PNP, VA7DPO, VA7AZF, VA7SES
Testing setup - laptop, station, feedline meter with dummy load, and load generator
Testing setup - DC power

DC power testing demonstration
VE7NWM drilling the hand-mic pass-through
5 Kits nearly ready