Yaesu FTM-6000 Trial - 2023 March

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Last year, we evaluated how smoothly a Yaesu FTM-6000 would suit our needs.

The FTM-6000 was a candidate for future dual band mobile or station radio acquisition and deployment.

We programmed the unit we evaluated with VECTOR channels VHF (1 to 68) and UHF (401 to 446) for transmit and receive, and receive-only on other frequencies (aeronautical (101 to 117), 220 (201 to 221), marine (301 to 321), public services and businesses (501 to 536), and FRS-GMRS (601 to 622).

The trial ran from March 22, 2023, to the end of April, 2023.

We kept the power and antenna feedline connected to the trial radio rather than our existing Alinco DR 135. We kept a copy of the operating manual next to the radio and Anthony VE7XAK collected feedback over email and cell phone.

Yaesu set up at Station 2