March Members Session


Show: Disasters, hams and ESS with Mika McKinnon VA7SCI

Planning Horizon: May

Practical Exercise: Send a Winlink message to a designated call sign. Are you ready? Get advice. Find help.

Operations and Intelligence Forum: ready teams for active service to May and help each other overcome blocks to active service. Spotlight milestones for two teams.

Active Team Activity How
NPR Site-to-site link tests on-air
Grab and Go Refitting prototypes to aluminum-screen panels Zoom
Drills Games Exercises Preparing for on-air activities Zoom, Work from Home
CERV Preparing to recommend an option for the Mobile Emergency Communications Unit Zoom, Work from Home
Logistics Maintain Repair Overhaul Getting organized Zoom
Membership Administration, Years-of-service Pins, Identification Cards Work from Home, limited Radio Room
Website - Work from Home