April - TABLETOP Episode 2


Exercise: To understand VECTOR’s big picture, including where all the gear lives. Take over where the February response team left off.

Explore how VECTOR supports city-wide disaster response.

RSVP Online | Operator Package

Gather to:

  1. Explore how radio amateurs would support communications during a city-wide event.
  2. Learn other’s perspectives and observations about the discussion-based exercise.
  3. Share knowledge about where VECTOR equipment and capacity lives.
  4. Practise coordinating with others across the city.

Participants will get the Zoom link and background materials.

Join around our virtual table in a discussion exercise. Details in Operator Package.

TABLETOP works better when members and non-members join in, share ideas, understand perspectives, and learn from observations.

Sign up online or over email. We’ll send you the link to register your hours.

How does it work?

Get messages from all over the city to the EOC. Work together talking about what you need to respond to events and resources that the game throws at you as messages back up.

You get time for at least three 20-minute operating periods. A different member of your team will serve as the decider for each one.

May we enjoy a fun, sociable, and network-building event together.

VECTOR and ESS volunteers in first TABLETOP on February 8, 2020

Past Events

  • 2020: ESS and VECTOR volunteers played through the initial map-board version
  • 2021: City, Kerrisdale Earthquake and Emergency Preparedness, and VECTOR volunteers set up a scenario and started responding to it