At Meetings

  • Note-taker or Scribe
  • Timekeeper
  • Facilitator
  • Meeting Technology
  • Learner
  • Listener
  • AGM Support

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Role Descriptions

Role Description
Note-taker or Scribe Captures in writing the decisions, intended actions, and due dates we need so VECTOR can successfully serve our community (helping VECTOR remember)
Timekeeper Advises the group when we reach a time marker so that we can choose whether to go overtime or set aside a dialogue that needs more time
Facilitator Holds the space for dialogue and keeps the group on pace for the chosen session format and agenda
Meeting Technology Make sure VECTOR meetings have video-conferencing equipment working (set-up, support, put away)
Learner Listens to understand and participates in the session to help VECTOR become more effective
Active Listener Advises the group when we drift off-topic or when conflict becomes angry so that we can save the off-topic ideas for later (in the topic parking lot) or pause and restore dialogue
AGM Support Rigs or strikes the AGM setup, signs in members arriving, helps with refreshments, helps partner representatives, and assists the treasurer and membership team as needed

Learning Resources Available

  • Participate in sessions and meetings and help hosts at sessions