Supporting People

  • Member Coach
  • Teacher
  • Course Manager
  • Examiner
  • Team Rep
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Community Manager
  • Membership Manager
  • Better Impact Admin

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To help members serve our community.

Role Descriptions

Role Description
Member Coach Help members get hands-on time with VECTOR equipment and keep abilities strong and fresh
Teacher Help members become more effective and expand member knowledge
Course Manager Register students, arrange class space, coordinate teachers
Examiner Monitor and review proficiency exams and register new operator certificates
Team Rep Support a team of volunteers to deliver or achieve a VECTOR objective and get closer to VECTOR’s just cause
Volunteer Coordinator Coordinate handling of volunteers and welfare of each volunteer during an activation or incident
Community Manager Foster community through remote and online activities
Membership Manager Help people become VECTOR members and maintain membership in good standing with VECTOR
Better Impact Admin Maintain and protect VECTOR’s member data, opportunity offerings, and hours data in the Better Impact system

Learning Resources Available

  • Participate in sessions and meetings and help hosts at sessions
  • EMBC Public Safety Lifeline Leader
  • EMBC Managing Volunteer Programs
  • EMBC Managing Walk-in Disaster Volunteers
  • EMBC Introduction to ESS
  • EMBC Introduction to Reception Centres
  • EMBC Introduction to Group Lodging