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  • Newsletter Writer
  • Researcher
  • Exercise Designer
  • Proofreader
  • Web System Maintainer
  • Website Writer
  • Scheduler
  • Social Media Officer
  • Documentation Writer

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To keep VECTOR strong.

Role Descriptions

Role Description
Newsletter Writer Puts together the newsletter from the information sent in
Researcher Finds out answers to questions for teams (Board, Logistics, Exercises)
Exercise Designer Organizes exercises for members to connect with each other and keep sharp skills
Proofreader Reads draft newsletters, web content, and documents to help the authors clean up mistakes in spelling, grammar, and links
Web System Maintainer Keeps the underlying system for the web site and web apps going and helps other maintainers improve
Website Writer Keeps the website current and correct and helps team reps learn how to edit team pages
Scheduler Creates and maintains activity entries in Better Impact for VECTOR teams
Social Media Officer Keep VECTOR’s Twitter feed current and engaging while also keeping it aligned with VECTOR’s Code of Conduct
Documentation Writer Keep VECTOR’s knowledge and information current and easy to use

Learning Resources Available

  • Participate in a team that does the work for the role