In Our Community

  • Partnership Liaison
  • Civic Service Event Coordinator
  • Community Centre Support

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To connect VECTOR to the community we ultimately serve.

Role Descriptions

Role Description
Partnership Liaison Make sure VECTOR knows what our partner needs and help our partner find out what it needs to about VECTOR
Civic Service Event Coordinator Organize a team of VECTOR members to serve the needs of the civic special event organizer
Community Centre Support Support a community centre’s ability to connect to the City emergency communications net well and host a Disaster Support Hub

Learning Resources Available

  • Help other people who liaise with our partners


Organization Liaison
Vancouver Emergency Management Agency President or Delegate
Vancouver Police Department President or Delegate
Emergency Support Services Jackie Kloosterboer VA7JKE
Vancouver Fire Rescue Service Open
ESS Zone C Andrew Walker VA7YAA
Kerrisdale Earthquake and Emergency Preparedness Jim Slade VA7AAC
Dunbar Earthquake and Emergency Preparedness Open
BC Amateur Radio Coordination Council Russel Adams VE7MTU
Lower Mainland Emergency Radio Coordinators President or Delegate
Mid Island Emergency Radio Communication Teams President or Delegate