In Tech and Equipment

  • Logistics Information Tech
  • Logistics Radio Tech
  • Technical Support
  • Jobs Chief
  • Computer Station
  • Checking Station
  • Repair Station
  • DSA Caretaker
  • Repeaters
  • CERV Caretaker
  • Google Systems Admin
  • Infrastructure Service
  • Jobs Helper

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To keep our equipment ready and going (Maintain, Repair, and Overhaul).

Role Descriptions

Role Description
Logistics (IT) Keep VECTOR digital systems working and updated (APRS, wi-fi, Winlink gateway, rack servers, and more)
Logistics (Radio) Keep VECTOR radio systems going and updated (antennas, radios, cables, and more)
Technical Support Help remote operators work through trouble-shooting on air
Jobs Chief Host technical work (“job”) sessions to maintain, repair, or overhaul VECTOR equipment and support the wellness of the job crew on hand
Stores Manage equipment coming out of and going into storage during a technical work (“job”) session
Computer Station Execute computer tasks during a technical work (“job”) session, such as checking the job backlog, filing, printing, research, running the Zoom link to remote sites, and taking notes
Checking Station Do the checking tasks for the job sheets that the crew is tackling during a technical work (“job”) session
Repair Station Do the repair tasks for the job sheets that the crew is tackling during a technical work (“job”) session
DSA Caretaker Keep equipment at DSAs ready for immediate use
Repeaters Keep repeaters running
CERV Caretaker Keep the CERV’s engine, transmission, servers, and antennas working
Google Systems Admin Maintain Google Workspace settings for groups, emails, and folders
Infrastructure Service Keep the amateur radio and computer systems VECTOR volunteers need in emergencies ready for VECTOR’s ordinary citizens to use when community resilience (emergencies and disasters) need to
Jobs Helper Helping infrastructure service volunteers to learn about the technology, the work, and jobs sessions

Learning Resources Available

  • Active job sessions, equipment audits, and health checks
  • Active work teams (repeaters, packet, radio room, antennas, DSAs, and more)
  • Advanced Certificate of Proficiency in Amateur Radio
  • Checklist and quick reference sheets for Jobs Chief, Stores, Computer Station, Checking Station, Repair Station