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What is VECTOR's just cause?

I believe that VECTOR’s just cause for existing is:

Amateur radio teams supporting every part of Vancouver with VEMA and VPD to deliver messages whenever needed.

I hope you remember it from our 2019 Annual General Meeting. Please send me what you think about this just cause after you read about the idea below (email).

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Let's learn peacemaking together

What do members think about how we handle difficult conversations (“conflict”) in VECTOR? Strong organizations use a clear, peer-based conflict mechanism so that people can keep trust and compassion high. Teamwork relies on trust and compassion. Please send me your feedback after you read about the idea below (email).

Imagine you start to feel your emotions rise when working with another member. What 4 stages of dialogue could you work through together?

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Would you like to take control?

What do members think about using the advice process in VECTOR to make decisions? Strong organizations use the advice process so that people who see a situation can respond to it without delays and bureaucracy. Using a simple and powerful set of ground rules. Please send me your feedback after you read about the idea below (email).

You observe a situation that needs action. What five steps do you need to work through before VECTOR will get it done?

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What are VECTOR's values?

I wonder what members think about holding an annual values workshop for VECTOR. Strong peer-organized organizations review shared values each year to strengthen and tune internal and external teamwork. Please send me your feedback after you read about the idea below (email).

In 2018 and 2019, we held a couple of workshops to raise member ideas to the front of our attention. To keep your evolving ideas in mind, VECTOR must hold annual “feedback workshops”.

After only the session in November 2019, we learned over 67 ideas suitable for VECTOR. Quite a backlog until people adopt, champion and deliver desired ideas. Imagine the added backlog we could collect in annual workshops. Perhaps overwhelming. What if we could use a different way to make member ideas reality?

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