Joining VECTOR - Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about VECTOR or the membership application process, contact our Membership Team at [email protected].

All inquiries are treated in confidence and your privacy will be respected and preserved.

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General Questions

What is the membership application process?

Our membership application process is detailed on our Join Us page.

How long does the membership application process take?

Approximately two to three weeks depending largely on your prompt attention to obtaining a Vancouver Police Information Check - Vulnerable Sector screening result. Jump to questions and answers regarding the Police Information Check

Is there a cost?

Yes. VECTOR is a registered non-profit charitable society run entirely by volunteers. For on-going operating expenses and equipment maintenance, we collect a $20 annual membership fee. For applicants this fee is payable on acceptance as a member by VECTOR.

Our policy is that no applicant or member will be turned away due to an inability to pay. Please speak with our Membership Team if this applies to you. All such matters are dealt with in confidence.

Why must applicants be 18 years or older?

Members must have reached the age of majority to participate in certain activities or assignments.

If you are under 18 years old or represent a Vancouver high school grade 11 or 12 class and are interested in VECTOR’s mission, electronics, amateur radio or public service, please write to us about our youth outreach program. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Police Information Check

What Is A Police Information Check - Vulnerable Sector Screening (PIC-VS)?

For more information on the PIC-VS, the process, how your privacy is protected and what is disclosed see: Information Checks - Vancouver Police Department.

Why does VECTOR require a PIC-VS?

Our work in planning, preparedness, and deployment frequently involves privileged access to agencies, personnel, secure facilities and otherwise restricted spaces. In addition, operations supporting events, exercises, and emergency activations may place members in a position of responsibility over persons considered vulnerable according to the Criminal Records Act.

Completing a PIC-VS is a mandatory requirement made of all VECTOR applicants. VECTOR members are further obligated to renew their PIC-VS on a regular basis per the standard laid out within the British Columbia Criminal Records Review Act.

Is there a PIC-VS processing fee charged by Vancouver Police?


Disregard the published public fee schedule on the Information Checks - Vancouver Police Department page. As a valued prospective member of the Vancouver emergency management team, you will not be charged for your PIC-VS as a VECTOR applicant or renewing member.

I have PIC-VS completed for another organization. Will this do?


Our privacy and security policies, developed jointly with Vancouver Police Department, City of Vancouver, and E-Comm 911, and in accordance with the policies of those organizations, requires the PIC-VS screening be performed by the Vancouver Police Department.

PIC-VS completed for other organizations or by other police departments or agencies will not be accepted from applicants or members.

Where must I attend to initiate the PIC-VS process?

All VECTOR applicants, regardless of which city they may live in, must attend the Vancouver Police Department information counter at the main office, 2120 Cambie Street. No other office or police department can process a VECTOR PIC-VS request. More information can be found here on the VPD website.

Will I be fingerprinted?

In most cases, no.

A fingerprint is not taken unless there is potential for identity confusion. Consult Information Checks - Vancouver Police Department for more information.

What happens after I submit my PIC-VS form to Vancouver Police?

Vancouver Police will process your PIC-VS inquiry per the process specified in their backgrounder.

Within approximately one to two weeks the result of the PIC-VS inquiry, bearing a VPD seal of authenticity, will be sent directly to you by postal mail, not to VECTOR.

In most cases the result will indicate a negative response to the police information check and vulnerable sector screening inquiry.

A non-negative result does not necessarily preclude membership in VECTOR.

Upon receipt of the PIC-VS result it is up to you, the applicant, whether you choose to share the result with the VECTOR Membership Registrar in order to proceed with your application for membership.

With respect to PIC-VS screening, how is my privacy safeguarded?

The Vancouver Police and VECTOR processes ensure you have control over whether any information relating to your PIC-VS result is disclosed to the VECTOR Membership Registrar.

  • PIC-VS results are mailed directly to you.
  • Only you decide if you wish to share the PIC-VS result with VECTOR as a condition of membership.

Upon receiving your PIC-VS result, the Membership Registrar will review it, verify its authenticity, and file it in a secure cabinet located in a high security facility. No one but the Membership Registrar, Vice-President, or President may view or access this or any confidential applicant or member information and all are bound by a confidentiality agreement.

What if there are notations on my PIC-VS result?

The presence of notations (a non-negative result) on a PIC-VS document does not necessarily preclude approval of your membership in VECTOR.

Anything other than a negative result for a PIC-VS screening requires further review of your situation before the application process can continue or complete. If you would like to proceed with your application to VECTOR we request you:

  • Do not automatically mail the PIC-VS result to VECTOR; instead:
  • Write the President of our society at [email protected] to request a confidential meeting to discuss your situation.