VECTOR Repeaters


To support operations VECTOR makes use of repeaters (duplex) and simplex frequencies. For a full list of operational frequencies visit our frequency list and take note in particular of Channels 1 through 12.

In the event of an emergency

Should an emergency situation result in widespread disruption of normal telephone communications services we recommend:

  1. In all cases be sure that you and those around you are safe and are looked after.
  2. VECTOR members will refer to the VECTOR Emergency Activation Guide for detailed instructions.
  3. All local radio amateurs are encouraged to:
    • Check in to the radio net on our primary repeater
    • If our primary repeater is not functioning, listen for instructions to be broadcast on the output frequency of the repeater.

The current VECTOR primary operations repeater is found on channel 2: VE7TEL [2] VHF 145.170 MHz input -600 kHz.

VECTOR & Partner Repeaters

Ch Callsign Output Offset Input Tone Operator Location
1 VE7RVF [1] 145.450 -0.600 144.850 100.0 VECTOR Permanent location TBA
2 VE7TEL [2] 145.170 -0.600 144.570 TPARC Boundary & Kingsway
201 VE7RVK 224.640 -1.600 223.040 VECTOR Vancouver - Cambie area
202 VE7RVX 224.820 -1.600 223.220 VECTOR Operational in 2019[3]
401 VE7RVU 443.725 5.000 448.725 88.5 VECTOR Vancouver - downtown


  1. VE7RVF specifies an input tone but at this time does not require it. We recommend all operators configure their radio equipment to include an input / PL tone for VE7RVF to reduce any downtime or confusion if an input tone is required to be enabled on short notice in the future. A 100 Hz output tone (CTCSS) is always transmitted for the optional benefit of those troubled by intermod in certain areas of Vancouver.
  2. VE7TEL is operated by the Telephone Pioneers Amateur Radio Club (TPARC). VECTOR is grateful to TPARC for the use of this repeater.
  3. VE7RVX will not be operational until construction of Firehall #5 is completed in 2019.