2018 VECTOR Board of Directors

This is an archive page documenting the composition of the VECTOR Board of Directors for 2018. The current management team page is always found at /about/executive/.

VECTOR is an all-volunteer not for profit organization registered under the British Columbia Societies Act. Our management team is selected each fall by members at the Annual General Meeting of the society.

On 6 December 2017 members elected the following peers to serve as the 2018 Board of Directors:

President VE7WV, Michael Watkins
Vice President VA7LET, Hiroshi Takahashi
Treasurer VA7OOS, Sarah Wu
Secretary VE7TYS, Tyson Nicholas
Directors VE7DET, Jessé Neri
VE7LMP, Linda Peterson
VA7MCZ, Harondel Sibble
VA7WOT, Raymond Wong

Please see our Contact page for contact information for membership and general enquiries.

The Board extends its sincere thanks to Deven Prasad, VA7DDP, and David Tse, VE7MDT, for their efforts over the year.

Advisory Council

Ratified by the VECTOR membership, in 2015 the VECTOR Board of Directors proposed and established an Advisory Council to be composed of our primary served agency partners, City of Vancouver and Vancouver Police Department.

Currently serving on the VECTOR Advisory Council are:

  • VE7TDK Staff Sgt Kevin Bernardin, Vancouver Police Department
  • Kris Hayne, Office of Emergency Management, City of Vancouver

Recent Boards of Directors

Corrected 2021-10-16:

Noted our gratitude for the effort that Deven and David invested as directors.