100 Hz tone on VE7RVF repeater


For many years, VECTOR’s frequency list has specified an input tone of 100 Hz for our VE7RVF repeater (channel 1 on the VECTOR frequency list). However, the repeater did not previously require the tone to be used.

As of February 25th, 2021, the 100 Hz tone is now mandatory for the VE7RVF repeater.

Please check your radios to confirm that the tone is set properly. VECTOR runs a nightly wellness net on the VE7RVF repeater at 19:05, which is an excellent opportunity to check-in and confirm that your radio is programmed correctly.

A big thanks for Hiroshi VA7LET for braving the snow to visit the repeater and adjust settings. In addition to enforcing the tone as a means of preventing spurious inteference, the repeater time out timer has also been increased.