February Basic Completed, Anyone Up for Advanced?

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February Basic course had great turnout with several students from the BC Interior and other provinces. Volunteers are planning to start the next course on September 10, in person if possible.

We are checking into venues, especially ones we have used before. Volunteers are immunized and we anticipate students are generally immunized.

We intend to fall back on running the course online, if we encounter insurmountable challenges arranging a venue or public health conditions warrant.

The team welcomes any new volunteer passionate about teaching. While we do have just enough hands to deliver the course, we could benefit from a little reserve capacity.

  1. VECTOR is considering an Advanced course! Anthony VE7XAK started a feasibility study to check how VECTOR would offer an in-person Advanced course

  2. Small, dedicated team of volunteers has been refining how we organize and deliver the Basic course based on how it performs in each course run

  3. Team spans a couple of administrative volunteers and a few volunteers who focus on writing and teaching

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