Planning active drills for 2022

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It’s time to check-in with our colleagues that work at our radio sites. Our first multi-site drills in 2018 helped rebuild sleeping ties. New multi-site drills can do it again!

Sign up for Saturday

Small organizing crew getting us ready. Volunteers who have time on Thursdays have started pulling together the in-play structure to use within the previous SQUIRREL format.

Members interested in helping organize our efforts join the next call.

  1. Fundamental structure of a VECTOR multi-site drill

  2. Connecting with on-site staff for Killarney, Kitsilano, Hillcrest, and the Radio Room

  3. Drill date: 2022-04-30, 13:00, 1 hour

  4. We give E-COMM and community centres a week advance notice.

  5. You will receive a call sheet with further details after you sign up