September Basic Starts Soon

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The team has reached healthy strength and is ready to start the September Basic course as planned on September 10. The instructor team chose to offer the course online to overcome COVID-19 concerns and potential class size considerations (more than 20 people).

We will teach on four consecutive Saturday mornings from 09:00 to 12:00. Students will attend a brief pre-session on September 3 to check in. We are also offering an optional review session on October 8.

Linda VE7LMP and Robert VA7RGP will invigilate exams online by appointment. We are offering students a test-prep video based on previous VECTOR courses showing how the online exams work.

With continuing uncertainty over suitable City venues, we have chosen to postpone our Advanced course until we can do it in person.

The instructor and support team roster is full. We are planning to run the next course in February, 2023, and expect to do it over Zoom.

  1. VECTOR is ready to offer an Advanced course! Just need a suitable venue.

  2. Small, dedicated team of volunteers keeps refining how we organize and deliver the Basic course based on how it performs in each course run

  3. Team spans a couple of administrative volunteers and a several volunteers who focus on writing, teaching, and course support

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