August - HAMPER


Exercise: To practise long-form radio exchanges without net control and understand the impact on your gear operating for up to 3 hours.

Pic-a-nic game gives fun pretense for repeatedly calling other participating stations.

Gather on air to:

  1. practice calling procedure (all-phonetic call signs and all-plain call signs only)
  2. get to know other VECTOR members
  3. laugh

How would you make practising calling protocol a game?

Join from home. We’ll welcome all certified amateur radio operators into the event on VE7RVF.

How it works - maximize your snacks and avoid the ants

Download a pic-a-nic operator package through this link. Read it. Print what you need.

Something to add? The team eagerly awaits your email message: team email.

Check-in on net at 13:30 on Saturday, August 7, on VE7RVF (output 145.450 MHz offset -600 kHz tone 100 Hz). Finish and check out at 16:30.

Can you make it? (RSVP)

All radio amateurs are welcome to participate in any of our nets.

Past Events – Radio Games in the Park